A while ago, we announced the strategic partnership with the NFT gaming platform God Temple. Through this collaboration, we will exclusively feature some of the limited edition NFTs by the top-notch artists at God Temple. Today, we’re pleased to let everyone know that the first limited edition NFT by ex-Marvel and DC comic artist Pat Lee will be available on DigiCol soon!

God Temple & Pat Lee

In its latest piece of news, God Temple has announced its public token sale and the addition of “Play-to-earn” model. …

The talented self-taught Ukrainian artist will prosper on DigiCol

Contrary to many artists out there, Nadia has never attended any art school or courses. The self-taught artist was raised and lived most of her life in a small town of Ukraine named Nikopol, where she got most of her creative inspirations from.

Next-gen NFT platforms DigiCol and NFT Tech strategically partner to bring a more diverse experience to NFT market participants

Platforms DigiCol and NFT Tech are building the next generation of NFT creation and trading infrastructure. Both platforms facilitate frictionless NFT creation and liquid trading. These platforms will now form a strategic partnership to leverage the unique attributes of each.

DigiCol and NFT Tech intend to work together long-term to provide NFT market participants with a more diverse and inclusive marketplace experience. DigiCol users will secure unabridged access to the auction capabilities of the NFT Tech platform. …

Learn about all the options available and their APYs for staking DGCL

Update: The APY for DGCL Uniswap staking has increased from 50% to 100%! This change will apply from June 24. DGCL holders can simply stake the tokens by providing liquidity into the DGCL-ETH and DGCL-WBTC liquidity pools. Our system will calculate the rewards automatically and payout at the end of months.

We are happy to offer more options of staking DGCL. This article aims to summarize the options available for users who are interested in staking DGCL.

DGCL users can either stake their tokens at Uniswap or DefiCliq. Two different APYs are offered but they also come with different requirements.

DigiCol has teamed up with DefiCliq to provide a 40% APY to DGCL stakers on the decentralized platform

Good news! We’re thrilled to announce the partnership between DigiCol and DefiCliq to offer a 40% APY to DGCL holders who stake on the decentralized platform.

You can start staking your DGCL on the platform here: https://deficliq.com/digicol-staking/


  • APY: 40%
  • Maturity: 30 days
  • Early withdrawals: No

Quick Guide

Staking DGCL on DefiCliq requires the ERC20 wallet Metamask.

Metamask Installation and Set-Up

In order to install the metamask browser extension on your browser, go to https://metamask.io/.

Simple click on the Download or Download Now button.

Creating a new wallet will require your agreement on the terms and conditions provided by Metamask.

Once you have stored your seed phrase…

The all-round Ukrainian artist will thrive on DigiCol

She’s supervisor artist. She’s a cartoon series creator. She’s a toy designer. She’s an NFT creator…she’s an extremely talented all-round artist that you must have to know in this NFT space.

Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, Ulka Mak has a deeply rooted passion for character design and animations.

Words from DigiCol CEO, Eric Shim

As set out in the original token distribution plan of DGCL, 20% of the total supply was allocated to the team and advisors. In the 5 months since the token generation event, the team and advisors have not removed any tokens from the pool.

We really appreciate the strong support from our community all along. Without this community, we would not be able to achieve so much in merely 5 months. To show our continued commitment to the long-term development in DigiCol, we decide to implement the locking of team tokens with smart contract.

The New Lockup Plan for Team Tokens

For all the team and advisor…

3D & motion graphic artist takes you to his world of dystopian fantasy with NFT art

Creating his dystopian world — “The Universe of Three Dimensions”

Jose Noriega is a Spanish 3D generalist who is one of the first artists in the country to embrace the NFT trend. His first NFT collection “The Universe of Three Dimensions” illustrates the dystopia he has in his mind.

“The dimensions are underworld, middleworld, and upperworld. It is a parallel universe where heaven and hell are truly known. The dimension we’re living in, the earth, is actually the worst dimension one can be in,” says Jose.

“That’s why the representation of our dimension is the darkest. …

Earn DGCL tokens with this incentive program

Hooray! The long-waited liquidity mining program is finally here. NFT artists and collectors on our platform will be rewarded for their active participation.

The Reward

Initially, 50,000 DGCL* will be distributed to the NFT buyers and sellers on DigiCol every week, based on their transaction volume.

  • The number is subject to change and an announcement will be made in advance if any changes will be applied.

Start Date:

  • 15th June 2021


  • The number of DGCL you will get = 50,000 * (your total transaction volume of the week / DigiCol total transaction volume of the week)


  • The total transaction volume…

Time to delve into the shadowy NFT world of occult art

Who is Archangel?

With strong affinity to hyper surrealism and mysticism, Archangel is an occult artist who has been creating gothic and dark themes digital artworks. The word occult simply means hidden, which is used to reference revealing things that were hitherto unrevealed. The marginalized genre alludes to the mystical belief in a perfect, divine language, devised entirely of symbols, through which the initiated can communicate to reveal secrets and ignite metamorphosis.

He uses ideas of symbolism, ritual, and intention to create changes in the NFT world.

Since childhood…


“One Click Create” your own digital collectibles

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