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How to install MetaMask

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We are thrilled to announce the partnership between DigiCol and Poly Network. Poly Network is a protocol offering interoperability solutions between multiple blockchains. It has already integrated 9 blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi ECO Chain, and some more other chains. With Poly Network’s support, DigiCol is able to offer the world’s first seamless NFT cross-chain operations to artists and collectors via Poly Bridge.

Launched last year, Poly Network is a groundbreaking heterogeneous cross-chain interoperability protocol which is committed to provide liquid bridging services for DeFi projects, NFT platforms and many other decentralized applications. …

Amazed at the magic of NFT art, the contemporary Russian artist will ignite his artistic flame via DigiCol.

Who is Grigorii Pavlychev?

Graduated from a prestigious art school, Grigorii Pavlychev is a contemporary Russian artist combining the expressionist and the figurative. His portraits of human body explore the boundaries of both styles and evolve into a form that intertwines the two elements, creating one that displays a sense of balance between planes and surfaces, an arrangement of bright colors and an illusionist depth of lyrical abstractions.

Each of his NFT on DigiCol comes with the right to reserve physical delivery of the original work via EMS/UPS/DHL courier service. Feel free to email him to unlock the magic!

For this Major Update, we’ll be considering the level of the progress DigiCol has recently achieved.

We’re excited to share that DigiCol is committed to rolling out platform updates to its infrastructure, bringing software upgrades, interface tweaks, security fixes and, best of all, a raft of new features to DigiCol users around the globe. In this article, we’re talking about our recent major updates, outlining the frontend and backend features you can expect once you scour DigiCol.

NFT Bidding

Chances are, you’ve spotted out a Kitties Balls you really want, but there is not enough in your pocket. Filled with dismay and frustration? Don’t worry, DigiCol renders a solution for you now. Starting from today, we allow users to bid on any NFT collectible they wish to purchase. This tutorial will walk you through how it works!

Let’s start the journey with BunnyBalls. It’s currently listed for 0.85 ETH. Well, not too expensive but you are running out of money recently. You can only make an offer for 0.5 ETH. DigiCol allows you to do so with the bidding…

Discovering the joy of crypto art, the self-taught Dutch artist will share her passion via DigiCol.

Who is Fleur Josephine?

Internally driven and emotionally charged, Fleur Josephine is a full-time Dutch artist currently residing and working in Dubai. With 24.6K followers on Instagram, Fleur’s portraits of people and animals and colorful paintings have been described as ‘creative and uplifting’ simultaneously.

She has recently delved into the sphere of crypto art, spilling out her emotions in the NFT world!

Here is a quick guide to the updated process of getting verified on DigiCol.

Fill out this form to start the verification process and get some top tips below on getting everything right.

What is Verification?

Starting today, creators and collectors that demonstrate enough proof of authenticity and active dedication to the marketplace are awarded verified badges. It boosts your credibility and helps you stand out from the wider community.

We are looking at numerous factors such as active social media presence, follower number, networking with community members, number of minted and sold items, etc. …

Embrace your artistic calling. Pursue your dream with DigiCol.

As true artists, we all share a deep longing to embrace our calling and share who we are through our creativity.

Many artists complain that fears sneaks into their lives and they question whether they are meant to be artists. They fear that they don’t have what it takes, and that their dreams will remain just dreams. At DigiCol, we have heard the voice within the hidden community artists. Let us tell you, your inner critic is just imaginary. What you lack is not the creative energy, but the platform that can fuel your art to the next level —…

The famous Spanish illustrator, who recently joined the world of crypto art, will leverage the DigiCol platform for creating her artworks


With 660,000 followers on Instagram, Mariauve and her artworks quickly became a phenomenon. With a large portfolio of illustrations loaded with eroticism, the Spanish artist (from Vigo) embodies a natural talent in the representation of natural love scenes.

She has recently joined the world of crypto art, wanting to contribute her bit in the world of NFTs!

She studied art at the Antonio Failde art school in Ourense and a scholarship at the Imioga museum (Istanbul). Adding to their knowledge different courses in photography, design, marketing or social networks.

Her career had a significant boost when she made her illustrations…

Since the birth of DigiCol’s idea, the team has been concentrating on the infrastructure and stability of the system. Within 1 week of launch, we are glad that the front end and back end have been functioning seamlessly smooth, and some of the artists have gained popularity and made substantial NFT sales. In this article, we are going to map out our roadmap for the upcoming quarters, unfolding the features and solutions which will help DigiCol reach a wider global audience.

Q2 2021

1. Bidding Feature

Bidding will be live on DigiCol and open for all creators and collectors. …


“One Click Create” your own digital collectibles

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